Student to Professional Transition

Graduating with your Doctor of Audiology is a very exciting time but can also be an
overwhelming experience, as you prepare to navigate life in the working world, getting
licensure, and applying for jobs.

If you as a student are going out of state for the clinical externship year, it’s important to try to take a look at the licensure requirements for the state you want to practice in. This will allow you to get any necessary documents from your graduate school before leaving for your externship year. Illinois licensure requires a signature from your department chair and may take awhile to get signed. It is very important that you read all the directions carefully on the application. You do not need your CCCs to apply for licensure but you do need to take the Praxis exam.

Typical time for the application to be approved after it is submitted to IDPR is approximately a month here in Illinois. Recently, IDPH approved a “trainee” dispensing license to allow you to dispense hearing aids with 100% supervision during your time following graduation and before your audiology license is obtained.

We are looking forward to having you enter the world of Audiology!
Below is the website with the online application form to download for Illinois state licensure in audiology.

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