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ILAA Pre-conference Event

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Friday, January 26

Start End Speaker  Session Title / Description
8:00am -
8:45am   Breakfast with Exhibitors
8:45am -  9:00am President's Welcome
9:00am -  10:00am

Brian Taylor, Au.D. 

Moving from Product-Centered to Patient-Centric Care: Expanding Treatment Options Using Decision Aids

This text course discusses the rationale behind patient-centered care and its benefits for use in the hearing aid decision process. The benefits of patient decision aids are also described.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • After this course learners will be able to discuss the latest research associated with patient-centered care
  • After this course learners will be able to define patient centered care and discuss its key components
  • After this course learners will be able to describe patient decision aids and how they can be a part of patient centered care

10:00am -  10:30am
Break with Exhibitors
10:30am -  12:00pm

Kimberly Cavitt, Au.D.

Practicing to Your Full Scope: A Tutorial on Implementing the Practice Act in Your Office

The revised Illinois Speech Pathology and Audiology Practice Act goes Into effect on January 1, 2018.  This Act contains many changes for Illinois audiologists.  This course will focus on those changes and how to implement them in your practice.  This includes telehealth, intraoperative monitoring, cerumen removal, basic health screenings, speech and language screenings, evaluation and management and truth in advertising. 

Learning Outcomes: 

·  List the new components of the Illinois Practice Act as it pertains to audiologists. 

·  Describe basic health screenings and their performance.

·  Describe the telehealth requirements. 

12:00pm -  1:00pm
Luncheon with ILAA Board Update
1:00pm -  2:00pm

Sumitrajit Dhar, PhD

Tomorrow’s Clinical Tools for the Audiologist and the Consumer

As demand for audiological services increases and treatment options as well delivery channels diversify, the audiologist will have to adopt new tools and methods at an ever increasing pace. During this presentation we will discuss two set of tools that have been in development in our laboratory over the last several years. The first tool is a revision of the traditional clinical application of otoacoustic emissions. We will demonstrate techniques that enable the measurement of these emissions from the very base of the cochlea and enable early and accurate detection of age-related hearing loss. The second tool we will demonstrate is a patient-administered questionnaire that allows risk assessment for ear disease prior to hearing aid fitting.

Learning Outcomes:

  • 1. Attendees will be able to identify barriers in early diagnosis of age related
  • hearing loss as well as uptake of treatment for hearing loss.
  • 2. Attendees will be able to differentiate different clinical applications of
  • otoacoustic emissions.
  • 3. Attendees will be able to incorporate patient-administered tools for detecting
  • ear disease into their practice.

2:00pm -  2:30pm
Break with Exhibitors
2:30pm -  4:00pm
Antony Joseph, Au.D., Ph.D.

Auditory injury and clinical indicators in military personnel

Excessive exposure to hazardous occupational noise can lead to auditory injury, namely hearing loss and tinnitus. Studies have reported a wide range of auditory injury prevalence rates, including vestibular insults, which will be examined in context. It is imperative that we acquire, assemble, and analyze data to identify at-risk individuals for early intervention and mitigation of symptoms, and to allocate appropriate clinical resources. Associated clinical indicators will be discussed as well.

Learning Outcomes:           
  • (1) Identify trends associated with the current epidemiological trajectory of auditory injury
  • (2) Explain the important differences between results obtained from large and small data
  • (3) Describe future areas of research that will impact audiology services for military personnel

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